Mallen Excavating Co. Inc.

Our Services​

  • We specialize in replacing and supplementing  old septic tanks and leaching components with new modern technology. We also do complete new installations and repairs.

  • We will hook you up to your central sewer main, remove blockages, install add-ons, and do any repairs needed to your existing sewer pipe.
  • We will install new copper or Pex piping for new installations for central water and do installations for well systems, including repairs, finding leaks, installing add-ons.
  • We install footing and curtain drains, catch basins, drywells, swails, berms, driveway/road trench boxes, and anything else needed for proper storm/ground water management.
  • We excavate and  remove from site any stump on your property.
  • We build new driveways--repair old--correct for proper drainage, our aggregate of choice is quarried limestone Item #4.
  • We will grade your site for correct eye pleasing contours and  to insure correct drainage, usually done with our small bulldozer.
  • We can provide any and all site work needed for new house construction as well as  needs for your present house. This includes excavation for the foundation, utility line trenching, septic/sewer installation, driveway,water hookup,etc.
  • We do house,garage,barn, trailer, and shed demolition using our excavating equipment.We will remove all rubbish from site and leave in broom clean condition.
  • For any residential excavating need, we have manned backhoes, excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks.